Speaking with Nature

22-28 November 2022

a co-creation with ‘Shamanic Animal Kingdom’


Join us on this ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ to Tromsø, North-Norway. Into the land of the Sami, Europe’s official last Indigenous tribe. Home of the Magical Northern Lights. To learn to speak the forgotten language of Nature, common to your ancestors & Indigenous tribes. 



This transformative trip will be guided 24/7 by Marieke Akgul, Interspecies Communicator and befriended Wisdom Keepers & Shamans.

Together they will share teachings, healings, Sami culture, provide guidance and Yoik to give you an unforgettable holistic Northern Experience. Reconnecting you with Nature, the Indigenous way.


Forgotten language of Creation 1

Forgotten language of Creation

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Today we will introduce you to the basics of ‘Animal / Nature Communication’. It’s something we all have the ability too, we simply just need to be remembered how to do it. Marieke will personally teach you how to speak with them telepathically and help you to hear the animals & nature again, as they never stopped speaking to us. We just forgot how to listen.

We will monitor everyone carefully and will support those who need it this entire period with personal healings and guidance to go through blockages.

Each day a shamanic journey will be given. And also we will teach you ways to protect and ground yourself.

Forgotten Language of Creation 2

Forgotten Language of Creation

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Today will be a follow up from yesterday’s level as we will all get more advanced in the skills of Animal Communication, Telepathy and Automatic Writing. And ofcourse we will walk in nature together in between teachings.

And tonight we will recieve a guest speaker to learn more about the Sami, Sapmi and their way of living as Europe’s last official Indigenous Tribe.

Experience Oneness 3

Experience Oneness

Thursday 24 November 2022

Tromso is known for its Arctic wildlife, in co-exsistance with the indigenous Sami and modern society. An area where Moose and Reindeer can just wonder by the roads. Where Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles and ravens roam freely and in the many Fjords various whales and orcas can be seen at the coastline. Today we will meet, feed & speak with the Reindeer at the ‘Tromso Lapland’. and learn more about the Sami Culture. Learn the importance of the reindeer for the Sami and how they live and work together. See the shamanic meaning of their running in a spiral and listen to their special teachings of beeing one.

Forgotten language of Creation 4

Forgotten language of Creation

Friday 25 November 2022

The teachings of today will be about contradicting animals: Wild versus Domestic Animals, Flock versus Individual animals and Prey versus Predators. How communicating with them is different, fitting to their behavior and environment. And how do they fit in our lives, what purpose do they have. What does it mean when they show themselves very obviously. What message do they have for us as our Guides and Teachers. But most of all, how can we work with them, incorporating the lessons shown, to deepen our lives and strengthen our skills.

Communicating with Nature 5

Communicating with Nature

Saturday 26 November 2022

In the morning the teachings will help you to understand Nature on a much deeper level. We will focus on hearing the voices of plants, trees, nature spirits etc. Inviting you to receive images send by them and to feel the richdom in feelings they possess.

In the afternoon we will visit Tromso Museum which gives us much insights in the Northern Lights, the Sami and local wildlife. And at evening we will go on a Northern Lights Chase, hoping to be able to witness Lady Aurora in all her full glory.

Communicating with Nature 6

Communicating with Nature

Sunday 27 November 2022

Today we will practice a lot. Be amazed by the unique insights nature in all her aspects give you and feel truly part of Nature again amongst all living beings. We will practice to become part of the grid, all Nature is connected to and interact with them like you’ve learned to do with the animals. Re-learn the connection through Telepathy and Heart, the way our ancestors did and hear the unique ‘song’ of Nature.

Messages from other Realms 7

Messages from other Realms

Monday 28 November 2022

Stepping on board of the Brim Explorer to meet the orca’s & whales. Get a unique perspective on the majestic humpback and killer whales as they feed in the herring-rich fjords of the Arctic, the silent electric ship allows us to get close without disturbing them, respecting the hunt of these amazing mamals.

Connect with them energetically, Speak with them and learn from them what they know of the Universe, other realms and dimensions. You will be amazed by their stories and world view.


impression of where we will stay

good to know

There is limited space available for maximum 12 people.

Are not included as many people come from different places all over the world. To give an indication. Amsterdam or Düsseldorf has one way tickets starting from € 130,-.

Arrival & Departure Airport: Tromso Airport

We advise to book a flexible ticket due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the valid cancellations policy. (see below)

If needed we will help you with transportation from Tromso airport to our accomodation and back to the Airport in Tromso when its time to leave. It might be that you have to wait a bit so you can travel together with other members of this trip. As its better for the environment and saves multiple driving.

During this trip we will stay in 1 accommodation: Robukta Lodge. As accomodation is scarce in the area, 2 person bedrooms are standard offered.

In addition, 2 bedrooms have a double bed and a double comfortable sleeping sofa.  3 bedrooms have a spacious single bed and 1 room can be for 2-3 people (2 single beds and 1 double comfortable sleeping sofa).

If you want to be certain of your preference, you can book it in advance for an additional fee of €  100,- based on avaliability. For those who are willing to sleep on the sleeping sofa’s a discount of € 100,- will be offered. We try to accommodate as best as possible to everyones wishes. In general we will stay all in 1 big lodge, which will be used also as the teaching area.

All meals and beverages during the meals are included. Any other are for your own cost.

If you have allergies, if you are vegan, vegetarian or have food intollarances, please let us know while booking.

All planned excursions as mentioned in the trip descriptions are included. Just as transport to and from these excursions.

As each group is different, and we get to know you a little bit towards and during the actual trip, we adjust organically our teachings to your needs and wishes as much as possible. A family with children might have a different reason to participate and hope to experience then an individual. So eventhough its a group experience there is much space for personal & individual growth and reflection.

Total costs for this transforming trip: € 2.000,-  incl all excursions, accommodations, local transportations, meals, teachings, private healings & 24-hour guidance and all under the Northern Lights.


For this you get the Ultimate Once-in-a-lifetime experience  which will change your life for sure and send you home with a whole new world view and an amazing skillset which will benefit you for the rest of your life.


Afterwards you are able to speak with your own animals and those of friends and family and even gives you the basics to make it your every day job. You will be able to reconnect with Nature on a whole different level and have not only a huge paradigm shift but mainly a heart shift.

If you like you can pay in 4 terms in your own pace as long as the last payment has been done before 1 November 2022.

Children older than 10 years old are more than welcome to participate together with a parent. In general the teachings will be given in English. Basic English is therefore ideal but partly additional translations in Dutch, Sami, Norwegian, Swedish or Spanish can be provided.

The price for children is € 1800,- (17 years and older will be charged the adult price)

In general the spoken language will be English as this is an International Event. The level of English is very basic and there is always room for extra explanation in for instance Dutch, Norwegian, German or Sami. If the entire group is Dutch, Marieke will teach her part in Dutch.

Of course we will organize this trip according to the Covid-19 rules in Sapmi valid at that time. Additional we will inform you about this in a later stage.

If regulations dont allow this trip to go through as accomodations or airports are closed for instance, all participants will recieve their payments back and the trip will be resceduled to a a later time.

The organisation has the right to cancel the trip if less then 9 people have signed up by 1 November 2022

If a participant wants to cancel within 2 weeks after registering, 100% refund will be given. After that, no refunds will be given, unless the trip will be cancelled before 1 November 2022 by the organisation or later due to extreme COVID-19 meassurments ordered by the Norwegian Government.

As soon as the group is big enough (min. 9 participants) to be certain of continuation the organisation will inform all participants about this.

If regulations regarding COVID-19 dont allow this trip to go through as accomodations or airports are closed for instance, all participants will recieve their payments back and the trip will be resceduled to a a later time.

Join us on this adventure of a lifetime

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