A complete, activated Human

‘Becoming.’ is an intense transformative year program based on the book ‘Natureconomy – a Northern Lights Vision’. It’s the process of fully activating your DNA and becoming a complete, activated human. It supports you to apply the wisdom of the Northern Lights to your daily life, to your being. Its a cycle of deep healing, creating space, so your soul can anchor more into your physical.

You learn how to work with the Regal Elementals: particles with a consciousness. Around the three themes of the book: existence of Life, Anchoring of the Soul & Life Giving Force. With the ultimate goal of unlocking your full potential. Creating and manifesting from a state of complete activated DNA in abundance for All, limitless in thoughts and actions and in purity of Beeing.

The Year Program consists of:



''Unparalleled program, unique in its kind. And in constant collaboration with the Northern Lights''



Regular price: € 2.850,-

Reduced price: € 1.500,-

As we understand not everyone has the same budget, we will offer 2 reduced priced places for those who feel called. One per group. Contact me for more info and how to apply.

Exploratory intake

If you are interested but not sure it’s the right choice for you, i would love to explore this with you during an intake.

Ofcourse without obligations and free of charge. Solely to find out if its a fit both on a spiritual but also practical level. As many have busy (family) lives and this is an intense transforming proces.

The Northern Lights and i try to accomodate as much as we can to support those who feel called.

You can book an intake by submitting the form. Within 24 hours i will reply by e-mail.

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Suggested Time Scedule Group Zoom meetings

English speaking Group

14 September 2024
19 October 2024
4 – 11 November 2024 (Retreat)
21 December 2024
11 January 2025
8 february 2025
8 March 2025
12 April 2025
10 May 2025
14 June 2025
16 August 2025

Dutch speaking Group

16 September 2024
21 October 2024
22 – 29 November 2024 (Retreat)
9 December 2024
13 January 2025
10 February 2025
10 March 2025
14 April 2025
12 May 2025
16 June 2025
18 August 2025

Yes, i am feeling called by the Northern Lights

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