When we take a good look at Nature, we notice that all the answers are there. We simply haven’t asked the right questions yet. Relevant to our time and place.

Nature is part science and part magic, 2 disciplines which has been very separated in the last centuries, opposites sometimes even.

In the last decades however science is catching up, explaining magical events common in the Indigenous way of being.

More and more realizing that the path for the future is where science starts to work together with its magical side again. No longer on opposing sides but co-creating. Embracing the shamanistic way of living common to the Indigenous people, connected to their land.

A world in which this is possible, an economy with the benefits of modern society but with respect for the magical spiritual connection to the Land and all living beeings. That is Natureconomy.


‘Jungle Svonni, co-founder Natureconomy ’

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