Guidance by the Northern Lights

An unique oppertunity to receive direct messages from the Northern Lights for you. LIVE during an interactive Zoom meeting.

Sit in on an exclusive conversation between the Northern Lights and myself. In a similar way as the book ‘Natureconomy, a Northern Lights Vision’ came to existance but now with you present and based on the (life) questions you seek anwsers for.

During this session i will ask your questions LIVE to the Lights and channel their answers in their own wording. This allows you to respond immediately to the knowledge they share, the insights they offer, co-creating the flow of the conversation. Together we can discuss the anwsers and place them in a context of our modern way of living.

The Zoom session can be recorded and send to you afterwards.  Other family members can be present & participate and there is no special preparations needed other than to think about the questions you would love to ask the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Insights for one hour: € 135,-

If you like to

  • Ask the Northern Lights any (life) question you might have
  • Receive unprecedented general insights
  • Receive insights & guidance regarding the life changing decicions you are facing
  • Know more about Love
  • Know more about why you are on Earth
  • Have an unique oppertunity which is not offered by anyone else

One full hour live on Zoom


The Zoom session will be recorded if you like and send to you


This session can be held in English or Dutch

All ages

Suitable for adults, teens and children (with a parent present)

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