‘trip to indigenous Sapmi’

In collaboration with Biomimicry Academie

Imagine re-learning the forgotten language of Nature. Imagine to hear the voices of animals, trees, plants, all natural life. To be able to communicate with the subject of your study or contemplate with the natural materials you work with. Ways common to our ancestors but long forgotten by us in modern times.

Join us on this Biomimicry Ethos ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ trip to Sapmi, land of the Sami, Located in the North of Scandinavia, where in 8 days you will be re-learned the basics of interspecies communication.

Where you will meet, feed, speak and ride with reindeers. While afterwards sleeping in a Lavvo under the Northern lights.

Where you will explore the ecosystems of arctic life in an ice dome, a magical ambiance and get familiar with their building principles.

Where you will share the waters with humpback whales and orca’s while amazing scenic views of snow covered mountains and mesmerizing fjords pass by. To feel them and to actually communicate with them telepathically.

And this all during the dark season where the sun will rise at its minimum.

To explore the fields of biophilia and shamanism and philosophize about the true meaning of life. Imagine what this all can do to eco system services if you can actually communicate on a deeper level with the topics of your studies. Just imagine you can now not only study their behavior and structure but also ask them why and how, listen to their insights and fact check them. How much more in-depth your studies and bio inspired innovations will become.


This trip will be guided 24/7 by Marieke Akgul, Interspecies Communicator & Jungle Svonni, Sami Shaman. Together they will share teachings, Indigenous wisdom, provide guidance and help you through blockages to give you an unforgettable holistic Northern Experience.

As special guest for this edition, Lydia Fraaije, Biomimicry & Biophilic Architect and founder of Biomimicry Academie, will be present to enlighten this trip by connecting all we learn and experience to mainly the Ethos side of Biomimicry.



Arrival in Tromsø 1

Arrival in Tromsø

Saturday 15 January 2022

Arrival at Tromsø Airport. We will pick you up at the Airport and bring you to our accommodation. Today Is a day of settling in, sharing dinner and getting to know each other a little bit better. After dinner we will enjoy a bonfire, If the weather allows it, while Jungle will share more about the background of the Sami, their indigenous culture in relation to nature. And perhaps we are even so lucky to see the Northern Lights.

Interspecies Communication 2

Interspecies Communication

Sunday 16 January 2022

Today we will (re) introduce you to the basics of ‘interspecies Communication’. It’s something we all have the ability too, we simply just need to be remembered how to do it. Marieke will personally teach you how to speak with nature telepathically and help you to hear for instance the animals again, as they never stopped speaking to us. We just forgot how to listen. If you come across blockages, Jungle will help you 1-on-1 go through and release them. A beautiful Shamanic journey will be included, to meet our animal helpers in this life time.

Interspecies Communication 3

Interspecies Communication

Monday 17 January 2022

Today will be a follow up from yesterday’s level as we will all get more advanced in the skills of Interspecies Communication, Telepathy and Automatic Writing. We will also start practicing to speak with the topic of your biomimicry studies. Or that what interests you in this field. How can you deepen working with them by connecting naturally. For instance not only studying the behavior of ants but actually be able to ask them why they are doing what you are observing. Be amazed of the complexity and intelligence in their answers.

Masters of the Sea 4

Masters of the Sea

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Stepping on board of the Brim Explorer to meet the whales & orca’s with unique arctic nature, mountains and fjords as a backdrop. Get a unique perspective on the majestic humpback and killer whales with an underwater drone and microphone. As they feed in the herring-rich fjords of the Arctic, the silent electric ship allows us to get close without disturbing them and avoiding any sound pollution. Connect with them energetically, speak with them if you like and learn what they know of the Universe, other realms and dimensions. All the big questions you have about life, they can help you answer.

Deeper connection with Nature 5

Deeper connection with Nature

Wednesday 19 January 2022

The teachings of today will help you to understand Nature on a much deeper level. As we focus on hearing the voices of plants, trees etc. Inviting you to receive images send by them and to feel the richdom in feelings they possess. Be amazed by the unique in-depth insights they give you and feel truly part of Nature amongst all living beings again. Re-learn the connection through Telepathy and Heart, the way our ancestors did. Explore how you can work with Nature again on this level, incorporating the lessons shown, to deepen your work, your live and strengthen your skills and feeling of belonging, of coming home.

Arctic Ice Domes 6

Arctic Ice Domes

Thursday 20 January 2022

As water has memory, imagine what stories they can share with you these tons of arctic ice. Today we will explore a unique breath-taking structure: Arctic ice domes. Build only for the purpose of 3,5 months until it will be totally absorbed by Nature again, leaving no trace, only beautiful memories. The ice bars, ice cinema, ice hotel suites and ice restaurant have themes changing every year conveyed through beautiful colored lighting and wonderful ice sculptures. A guide will take us on a tour, teaching about the arctic history, culture and construction process.

Biophilia: Love for Life 7

Biophilia: Love for Life

Friday 21 January 2022

Could Biophilia; the inherited and emotional connection which binds humanity with the Earth be similar to the shamanic view that shamanism is the spiritual (and therefore emotional) connection with the land. Are we maybe talking about the same essence? Explore with Jungle the different perspectives on life. Philosophize together about the true essence. As the shamanistic viewpoint is that there is only one life which is eternal. So all your actions, work, what you create and leave behind in nature, has not only effect on your life now but also on your lives to come. Not only on the lives of your children but also on the life of your future self.

Meet the reindeer, experience Sami Living 8

Meet the reindeer, experience Sami Living

Saturday 22 January 2022

After breakfast we will look deeper into the relations between the field of Biomimicry and all we experienced and learned so far. Making parallels, connecting the dots. How can we implement this into our work. Led by our special guest: Lydia Fraaije. At the end of the afternoon we will be picked up for a scenic 45 min. drive towards the Lyngen Alps. There we will meet up with a Sami family for an unforgettable reindeer sledding tour, Sami culture and spending a memorable night in a traditional Sami tent (Lavvu). Sleeping on reindeer hides in winter-insulated sleeping bags in beautiful northern Sapmi nature under the Northern Lights.

Bringing it home 9

Bringing it home

Sunday 23 January 2022

Waking up, feeling one with nature. Replenished in your mind and soul. After breakfast we will be transferred back to the city by bus starting at around 10:00 from the camp. Back in Tromsø at around 11:00 o’clock. Having one last lunch together, reflecting all what this experience has brought us. And then its time to bring it home. Of course we will make sure you arrive at the Tromsø airport to start your journey back home and to start of a new phase of your life.


Impression of where we will stay

Good to know

There is limited space available for maximum 13 people. You can reserve your place already now.

Are not included as many people come from different places all over the world. To give an indication. Amsterdam or Düsseldorf has one way tickets starting from € 120,-. (checked august 2021)

Arrival & Departure Airport: Tromsø Airport. Most flights will have an overlay in Oslo.

We will arrange transportation for you from the airport of Tromsø to the accommodation, on arrival and departure.  It might be that you have to wait a bit so you can travel together with other members of this trip. As its better for the environment and saves multiple driving.

During this trip we will stay at the Robukta Lodge, Tromsø, Norway as our base. As accommodations in Tromsø area are scarce, all of us will need to share bedrooms with 1 other person. Private bedrooms are limited available and can be booked for an additional 200,- A discount of 100,- will be offered if you will stay in a same gender 3-persons bedroom. In the Lavvo we will sleep like a traditional Sami family, meaning 4 people per Lavvo.

We will have the luxury of a private chef, who is studying in a Michellin-star restaurant. He only works with local produce and wild caught proteins, a true magician with food, making this a holistic experience and allowing us to feel nurted by what the Earth provides on a whole new level. All meals and beverages offered by him at the lodges and offered by us during the excursions are included. Any other are for your own cost.

Ofcourse we will take in consideration if you are allergic, vegetarian or vegan and suitable food will be offered to you.

The excursions to the Arctic Ice Domes, The Reindeer sledding, sleeping in a Sami Lavvo and the mesmerizing silent Whale watching are all included just as transport to and from these excursions. Additional a husky sledding experience can be booked on arrival or departure day. These costs are extra.

Total costs for the trip: € 2.550,-  incl all excursions, accommodations, local transportations, meals, teachings & 24-hour guidance and all that under the Northern Lights. For this you get the Ultimate Once-in-a-lifetime experience which will change your life for sure and send you home with a whole new world view and an amazing skillset which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

If you like you can pay in 4 terms in your own pace as long as the last payment has been done before 1 January 2022.

Of course we will organize this trip according to the Covid-19 rules in Sapmi valid at that time. Additional we will inform you about this in a later stage.

We monitor carefully Norways restrictions and regulations for entry and inform you about the possibilities.

If the trip cannot go through for you as an individual because of the current COVID-19 rules or Norway’s COVID policy makes it difficult to offer a high quality trip, we will refund the full down payments to you and reschedule.

Will be made max 31 dec. 2021 or before if we reach the maximum capacity of 13 participants. We hold the right to cancel if the quality becomes at stake due to COVID-19 ruling or the group size stays below break-even.

Reserve your spot as there are only 13 spots available. by sending an e-mail to info@biomimicry-academie.nl

You will receive confirmation within 24 hours.

We organize this trip with a lot of love and understanding for the Natural World and invite you, to join us in this mesmerizing experience.