Northern Lights Retreats


4 days & nights,
in the period 1 December 2023 – 12 April 2024


An Unique & Personal Transformational Retreat held in Senja, North-Norway.  Located right under the Aurora Belt, a zone in the Northern hemisphere where the Northern lights appear the most often. For a full body shift, in mindset and being. While surrounded by the mesmerizing landscape of the Arctic. To re-awaken your full DNA, your full potential.


Marieke Anna

This special retreat will be guided by Marieke Anna, Interspecies Communicator & Shamanic Practitioner and co-designed by the Northern Lights. Marieke has been downloading their exceptional knowledge and worldview for the last 2 years and the conversations still continue. The book ‘Natureconomy – A Northern Lights Vision’ is the result of their collaboration.

To allow people to experience the content of this book first hand, the Northern Lights has asked Marieke to set up these retreats.

In complete co-creation they lead this retreat. Share knowledge & insights that make you reflect yourself from a whole different perspective. Making links to modern society and science.  They share Aurora Activations & new perspectives on your full DNA potential.  Provide local meals & care so you can focus on yourself, rest and slow down to maximize the benefits of this experience and unlock more of your potential.


Northern Lights Particles

Northern Lights Particles

Aurora Borealis, how the Northern Lights are officially called, are not only beautiful and breathtaking to watch. They are energized particles from the sun, redirected towards the Poles, by Earth’s Magnetic Field. Creating unique patterns, colors and frequencies regenerating your body, mind and soul.

According to the Northern Lights, exposure to these particles is beneficial for your entire system and can even help you unlock your full DNA, allowing you to become youre full potential.

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4 days & 4 nights

4 days & 4 nights

4 days & 4 nights thats what the Northern Lights ask you to commit to. You are so welcome, somewhere in the period of 23 December 2022 till 17 April 2023. Whenever fits your agenda and plans the best.

Down below this page you can see the avaliable data in this timeperiod and lock them for yourself.

4 days & 4 nights as your personal gift, a momentum in time to make up the balance of your life. To recieve all the benefits the Northern Lights have to offer and what better moment to do this than during the Dark Season here in the Artic.

A time that challenges all your perceptions of time versus daylight. As till half january the sun will not come above the horizon, casting this magical blueish light over everything just for a few hours each day. A perfect moment to go within.




To be able to chance, to heal, to grow, you have to be receptive. And you cant be receptive if there is so much you need to do, want to do.

So the first step to chance is to take a moment out of your busy scedule and do nothing, just rest. Just be, here, in this moment and become aware of your present surroundings.

What better then just to lay on your bed or sit by the fire and take in the beauty of your surroundings, the mountains, the stars, the fairytale blue hour, the dolphins, the eagles, the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Feel how you loose the feeling of time as time here makes no sense, only the flow of the seasons does.

Creating Space

Creating Space

As you rest, you become aware of what lives inside of you. Hidden issues have then the oppertunity to finally emerge while you live more in sync with the natural flow around you.

Together we will face what comes up. Supporting you in the best possible way. Creating for you private & custom made Shamanic Journeys, offer you personal Shamanic & Natural practices and share Ancient Wisdom given by the animals, nature and the Northern Lights fitting to whatever may come up during these days.

You decide how deep you want to go, what you want to address, change or learn. It’s an organic process and i am here to offer my full support and hold your space.



During the Aurora Activations your inner core will recieve information that regenerates your cells. Unique codes are locked in each pressence of the Northern Lights, weither you can see them or not, you will experience them.

During the transcripts between the Northern Lights and Marieke they shared much of their qualities and how it can help activate your full DNA, your full potential as a human. This retreat is the first activation on that path.

Allow yourself to transform into your full YOU. To completly express your inner self through this body, in this life. Allow the Northern Lights to work its magic on you while you enjoy the show, trusting the process, fully aware how unique it is, as its hard to predict and never the same.



Be gentle with yourself while you intergrate that what you have recieved and consciously changed. Nature is here very supportive and can help you with the intergration.

Each day, if the weather allows us, we can take a walk in Nature, to one of the secluded beaches or maybe up a mountain. Feel how unconditional love surrounds you in the shape of plants, trees, mosses and animals.

Feel the support of raven, white tailed and golden eagle, ptarmigans, grouse, reindeer, moose, red fox, lemming, otter, dolphin, seal, harbour porpoise and whales. We have a chance to encounter them all during our walks.

Supportive Care

Supportive Care

You will be given the unique chance to sleep in a transparant dome (2 single beds), intergrated in Nature and with breathtaking views. This allows you to maximize the chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Yet its also close to the toilet and the logcabin.

In here we will serve you local breakfast, a firm lunch to give support for the nature walks and comforting dinners by the fireplace. Ofcourse you are always welcome for a hot coffee/tea, a good shower, a cuddle with the cats or just a talk. Outside is also a jacuzzi at your disposal for some extra relaxation.

All of this is included in the price. And for those on a tighter budget or a desire for extra privacy, there is also a mini-cabin / private room with 1 single bed available for a lower price.

Personal Attention

Personal Attention

As each individual is unique, has his/her own blueprint and world view, the Northern Lights asked to keep these retreats as personal and private as possible to allow them and me to work fully with you on an individual basis, maximising the result.

As we humans also value the company of others and love to share experiences, the maximum groupsize will be either 2 0r 3 people who know eachother or max 3 individuals. Giving you the oppertunity to create memories together with a friend, your spouse or family.

If you book with someone you know, inform me about this during your booking so i will close that timeperiod and no other individual can join (unless you prefer that)

Sami & their reindeer

Sami & their reindeer

Here in this part of the Arctic, the Sami are the local Indigenous Peoples. The Sami have a long history of living under the Northern Lights and developed a beautiful & respectful relationship with them. As for them they represent the ancestors. A believe they have in common with many Indigenous Peoples who live under the Aurora.

Together we will meet the local Sami Reindeer herder and his reindeers. Out of respect for the caretakers of the land what they are. Caretakers of Nature, we are so generously welcomed in.

You will have the oppertunity to feed the reindeers and be around them. Feel how soft their noses and observe how goofy their feet. In the lavvu, around the fire, we will learn more about Sami culture and Joik will be shared.  And ofcourse there will be storytelling regarding the Northern Lights.


impression of where we will stay

good to know

As the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, its not guaranteed they will be showing themselves each night, however, they are most nights present, varying in intensity.

Both Marieke as the Northern Lights are not trained as medical personel in which context what so ever. Please see a physician if you have any complaints. And see this retreat as an additional experience.

There is limited space available for maximum 3 people.

Are not included as many people come from different places all over the world. To give an indication. Amsterdam or Düsseldorf has one way tickets starting from € 130,-.

Arrival & Departure Airport: Tromso Airport

We advise to book a flexible ticket due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the valid cancellations policy. (see below)

From the airport, there goes a direct busline, bus 420 Kvaloya, to us. It will take approx 1 hour. We will pick you up from the bus stop and bring you to our camp approx 0,6 km. walking up the mountain.

As our camp is located approx 0,6 km up on a mountain without roads, it is wise to pack light and use a backpack. Dragging up a 23 kilo suitcase in deep snow is absolutely not advisable 🙂

We can always advise on whatever you want to bring with you, to keep your luggage as light and usable as possible.

On the land there is a transparent dome with sleeping place for 2 people. and a mini-cabin with sleeping place for either 1 individual or a couple. Here you will also find an outhouse and the jacuzzi.

In the logcabin there is a shower. And a living room with a fireplace where we will serve breakfast/lunch/dinner and where you are welcome to relax, cuddle the cats or talk.

All meals and beverages during the meals are included. Any other are for your own cost.

If you have allergies, if you are vegan, vegetarian or have food intollarances, please let us know while booking.

To benefit the most, alcohol and plant medicine are not allowed.

All planned excursions as mentioned in the trip descriptions are included. Just as transport to and from these excursions.

As each group is different, and we get to know you a little bit towards and during the actual trip, we adjust organically our teachings to your needs and wishes as much as possible. A family with children might have a different reason to participate and hope to experience then an individual. So eventhough its a group experience there is much space for personal & individual growth and reflection.

Total costs for this transforming retreat:

€ 880,-  for staying in the transparent dome.

€ 690,-  for staying in the mini-cabin.


this includes all excursions, accommodations, local transportations, meals, teachings, private healings & 24-hour guidance and all under the Northern Lights.

If you like you can pay in 4 terms in your own pace as long as the last payment has been done before you arrive.

Children older than 10 years old are more than welcome to participate together with a parent. In general the teachings will be given in English or Dutch. Basic English is therefore ideal.


In general the spoken language will be English. If the entire group is Dutch, Marieke will teach her part in Dutch.

Of course we will organize this trip according to the Covid-19 rules in Sapmi valid at that time. Additional we will inform you about this in a later stage.

If regulations dont allow this trip to go through as accomodations or airports are closed for instance, all participants will recieve their payments back and the trip will be resceduled to a a later time.

If a participant wants to cancel within 2 weeks after registering, 100% refund will be given. After that, no refunds will be given, unless the trip will be cancelled by the organisation due to extreme (COVID-19) meassurments ordered by the Norwegian Government.

If regulations regarding COVID-19 dont allow this trip to go through as accomodations or airports are closed for instance, all participants will recieve their payments back and the trip will be resceduled to a a later time.

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