During her twenties Marieke established a successful career in account management in the world of employment agencies, banking & credit management, until a severe burn out in her early thirties brought a halt to that. In the years that followed, she had to reinvent herself, make peace with her demons and discover her gifts.

A new career emerged in marketing at business schools while learning to work with her gifts. Her own cats helped her develop her skills and understand them through sound, images and feelings, however, it was then difficult to unite this newly learned knowledge with the fact-based world she was living in.

As her gifts developed, she started working as an animal communicator and received many teachings from various physical and spiritual teachers. She stopped her career in marketing and became the apprentice of a Native American teacher, working together, teaching others, for years.

She was asked to become the spokesperson for the animals – those without a voice. It was a role so profound, it took her a while to accept. Shamanism is her path, connecting all that needs to be connected and releasing all that needs to be released.

Now she works as an shamanic animal communicator, translating the deep insights and teachings of the animals in human language. Introducing you in their world, where all are equal and all are connected. In no-nonsense words explaining how our world differs from theirs, how they see us and what can we learn from them to secure a sustainable future as they are so much more developed and equal in emotion and intellect as us on a level beyond our comprehension.

Being the bridge that she is between Ancient knowledge and Modern society, she also balances this with co-ownership of a successful international brand of wedding and evening dresses. Living with realities of both Ancient and Modern worlds gives her a unique understanding how ancient knowledge provided by Nature can help us heal the gap between these worlds, and help companies change within to secure their future in, and for, a sustainable society.


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