Making the shift from human centered thinking into nature centered thinking could help automatically dissolve many issues we face today. This philosophy is what’s guiding Natureconomy and her projects.

We believe its time we start respecting Nature again, the way we once did, our ancestors once did. True respect and co-creation with all our relations, making decisions on behalf of the seven generations to come, is not just an Indigenous term, not just a vague spiritual term but and actual guideline for a profitable business plan long term.

Realising this requires some paradigm shifts, the willingness to alter mindsets and even the acceptance of heart shifts. Creating experiences in which this occur is the core of all Natureconomy’s projects.

Science will catch up eventually, addressing that what’s already experienced, but it has to occur before it can be analized and in that playing field we operate. Fact based, down to Earth and yet deeply connected with the Universe and all life it supports.

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We have to shift from human centered thinking into nature centered thinking

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Since moving to the Arctic in december 2021 Marieke shares regular about the arctic paradigmshift she is experiencing. Not only the every changing nature and her beauty but all shifts from modern society living into a more rural life in a cabin on a mountain, more in harmony with nature. This is an excerpt from her instagram blog ‘Arctic ParadigmShift’

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