Water Expedition

19 – 26 July 2022


Imagine to actually connect with the waters you work or resonate with in ways common to your indigenous ancestors but now long forgotten.

Ways still tangible in the most northern part of Europe: in Sapmi, land of the Sami. Europe’s last official Indigenous tribe.

Join us on this refreshing transformative arctic expedition on the threshold of science and magic. Where we will explore water in many aspects, shapes and forms in the Reisa Valley. Home to Europe’s highest waterfall and one of Norway’s most important salmon rivers.





This trip will be guided 24/7 by Marieke Akgul, Interspecies Communicator & Jungle Svonni, Sami Shaman. Together they will share fact based knowledge, Indigenous wisdom, provide guidance and support to help you receive not only paradigm shifts but more importantly holistic multi-sensory shifts.




Arrival 1


Tuesday 19 July 2022

Arrival on airport Sørkjosen, Norway where we will pick you up and drive you to Reisa National Park. It covers a natural landscape that is virtually untouched. The Reisa river, one of Norway’s best salmon rivers, flows through Reisa. The river valley is characterized by several tributaries that flow into the main river as waterfalls, such as Mollisfossen with a fall of 269 m.

Tonight we will stay all together in the Log Cabin Camp at the beginning of the National Park, adjusting to the 24 hour light, getting to know each other and the amazing landscape around us.

Water has memory 2

Water has memory

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Today we will start with a small hike to get to know our surroundings a little bit better and to look deeper into nature communication, signs and miscommunication. Where does our human ways differ from natural ways. How is that for Indigenous tribes like the Sami and how do they interact with all nature around them.

And as the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that water has memory. Can we then indeed communicate with it as it responses to emotions send out to the water? Perhaps even conduct an experiment of our own? Can we go so deep that we can actually transmit thoughts?

We will be as much outside as possible, if the weather allows it, to emerge ourselves to the fullest of the overwhelming rural beauty that surrounds us. We will explore the banks of the Reisa River, the mountains and valley’s, discovering a multitude of small waterfalls due to melting gletsjers, swamps and natural springs. Mindmapping their differences and similarities.

Life force in Water 3

Life force in Water

Thursday 21 July 2022

We all know that water itself is a life force as the human body contains about approx. 60% water. But what makes one water, one river, lake or natural spring contain more life force then most tap water. What is this active component in that water and how can we multiply it, bring it back or add it to increase the nurturing goal that water has to all life surrounding it, depending on it. We turn ourselves to the sources and see if we can tap into their way of communicating the natural ways, common also to the Indigenous tribes. To find practical answers and tools we can apply to the waters close to our home, waters we are responsible for, waters who are out of balance or polluted.

Again today we will be as much out as possible, we go on a small hike and explore, connect and interact with nature in all her aspects.

Movement in Water 4

Movement in Water

Friday 22 July 2022

Today we leave the Log Cabin Camp for a boat tour up river to visit Mollisfossen, Europe’s highest waterfall with a fall of 269 m. We will explore what the exposure to oxygen during such a fall does to the water by drinking and connecting with it both before and after the waterfall. Learn from the waters the importance of flow and movement for the water itself but also for all who depend on it, live in it or live from it. Investigating it on a multi-sensory level; what do we see, smell, hear, feel (inside and outside), taste & receive. While being fully aware and present with our surroundings.

Tonight we will camp in tents, in the National Park, cooking dinner over a campfire and listen to the indigenous stories of the surrounding lands and nature by Jungle Svonni, who grew up not far from there, without roads or electricity.

Mother Nature's guest 5

Mother Nature's guest

Saturday 23 July 2022

In the National Park we are Mother Nature’s guest. Respectfully we will hike until we find snow in the mountains, passing lakes and pastures, probably encounter some reindeer who roam freely. Discovering the different shapes of water. We explore the various way of connecting with Nature around us. To determine what is your way, best fitting to your personality and ability. Some would like to be able to fully emerge in the essence of Nature. Others just want to observe and study and others want to explore if they can actually hear their voices and interact. We all have our own ways and Jungle and Marieke are there to support you to discover yours. So when you go home, you bring back practical ways how to increase your connection independently with your local nature and the waters you for instance work with.

Higher Perspective 6

Higher Perspective

Sunday 24 July 2022

Today we will go back with riverboat to the Log Cabin Camp. Making a stop at Sieimma to explore ancient rock art discovered in 2010 which dates back nearly 4.000 years ago. Representing a group of humans and animals. And prove the area has been habituated for millenia.

Back at the Log Cabin Camp we will receive a lecture from a local representative working with and responsible for the Reisa River. With the focus on co-existence between humans and nature. How to coincide and how to take responsibility for a prosperous water management and all depending on it for now and for the generations to come.
Reisa River is one of Norway’s most important salmon river. And like all salmon rivers of Norway face a decline in salmon populations and face bans for fishing. As the Tana river (Norway’s nr 1. Salmon river) already had last year. A decision which will not only be felt by the recreational fishermen and leisure industry but mainly by the local Sami’s depending on fishing in the summer and the world’s supply of wild arctic salmon in your local supermarket.

Explore with us from human and nature perspective the ideal balance for us all to coincide.

Implementing Multi-sensory observation 8

Implementing Multi-sensory observation

Monday 25 July 2022

Its time to start focusing back on the waters we are responsible for or feel connected with. By using multi-sensory observation, what do we want to change or implement based on all we have learned and experienced this week.

What does the arctic waters want you to do for your local waters. How will they support you, practically and energetically. Applying biomimicry or more accurate, biophilia. Together we will explore the lessons gifted by the arctic to bring home with you.

And perhaps we even want to try our luck catching a fish ourselves, cooking it over a fire, Sami Style. Feeling totally connected with the land, its waters and wild life, the Indigenous way.

Departure 9


Tuesday 26 July 2022

Today we get up very early, around 5 o’clock, to bring you back to the airport for your journey home. Where you will experience your surroundings from this whole new holistic multi-sensory paradigm shift. Safe travels.


impression of where we will stay

good to know

There is limited space available for maximum 12 people, with a minimum of 6 people to guarantee the continuation. You can reserve your place already now.

Are not included as many people come from different places all over the world. Arrival & Departure Airport: Sørkjosen Airport, Norway. Most flights will have an overlay in Oslo and Tromso.

We will arrange transportation for you from the airport of Sørkjosen to the accommodation, on arrival and departure.  As there is only 2 planes a day landing there, the chance is very big you are all arriving together.

During this trip we will stay at a basic log cabin camp and camp in nature. For this you need to bring your own sleeping bag, a lightweight tent (you can share if you like with other members of the group), good hiking shoes and a backpack.

All activities are designed so that even the untrained can participate. However as we will have daily walks on uneven terrain and with inclines and declines for at least an hour in a row, you might want to build up a bit of relevant condition by biking or walking in nature back home.

We will cook together and as natural & local as possible. Mainly on open fire. All foods, tea, coffee etc will be provided and taken care of by us.

Ofcourse we will take in consideration, if you are allergic, vegetarian or vegan and suitable food will be offered to you.

The excursions by River boats and to the rock art are all included just as transport to and from these excursions.

Total costs for the expedition: € 1.800,-  incl all excursions, accommodations, local transportations, meals, teachings & 24-hour guidance and all that under the midnight sun.

If you like you can pay in 4 terms in your own pace as long as the last payment has been done before 1 June 2022.

In general the spoken language will be English as this is an International Event. The level of English is very basic and there is always room for extra explanation in for instance Dutch, Norwegian, German or Sami. If the entire group is Dutch, Marieke will teach her part in Dutch.

Of course we will organize this trip according to the Covid-19 rules in Sapmi & Norway valid at that time. Additional we will inform you about this in a later stage.

If the trip cannot go through for you as an individual because of the current COVID-19 rules or Norway’s COVID policy makes it difficult to offer a high quality trip, we will refund the full down payments to you and reschedule.

Will be made max 1 may 2022 or before if we reach the minimum capacity of 6 participants. We hold the right to cancel if the quality becomes at stake due to COVID-19 ruling or the group size stays below break-even.

The organization has the right to cancel the trip if less than 6 people have signed up by 1 May 2022

If a participant wants to cancel within 2 weeks after registering, 100% refund will be given. After that, no refunds will be given, unless the trip will be cancelled before 1 May 2022 by the organization or later due to extreme COVID-19 measurements ordered by the Norwegian Government.

As soon as the group is big enough (min. 6 participants) to be certain of continuation the organization will inform all participants about this.

If regulations regarding COVID-19 don’t allow this trip to go through as accommodations or airports are closed for instance, all participants will receive their payments back and the trip will be rescheduled to a a later time.

Join us on this adventure of a lifetime

Only 12 places available!