The Manigua Project

Jungle Svonni, co-founder of Natureconomy has been invited to be part of the panel of the Manigua Project. An indigenous name in honor of the spirit of the Jungle, which was an element that differentiated and marked some participants and founders during the first RI3B congress and that gave rise to it. But it also symbolizes a tribute to the Amazon, to the wild and to nature.

The intention of the Manigua Project is to share 1 hour per month, the experience of experts on current issues, around nature from a holistic perspective. Natural capital, indigenous culture, biomimicry, deep ecology, new bio economies, regeneration, etc. will be some of the topics that will be addressed in this first season 2021-2022.

This is the full episode of Manigua broadcasted on 9 February 2022 (Spanish spoken)