Online Congress - Natureconomy

8 - 10 december 2020

‘Natureconomy – Resetting the economy in alignment with Nature’

As nature adapts and is forever changing, its time individuals and companies learn to evolve in sync with this natural cycle. So we as a people, can move forward, progressing into our natural state of humanity and help change our companies from within. Therefore, creating a new holistic approach to the economy based on nature.

During this online congress, Toroa Aperahama, Sharon Healey, Jungle Svonni and Marieke Akgul will address this topic and share their viewpoints on the current world developments that we are facing today, e.g. Covid-19 and the actual message behind it. Listen to their cultural stances, combined decades of experience in universal wisdom & indigenous teachings.

Join us on the 8th & 9th December to hear our individual webinars and join live on the 10th December, 2020 online to ask all your questions about this topic and discuss with us how we can reset our mindset as a community now to help create a new world economy, nature based  for the future generations to thrive in.


Donation: just € 25,- for the entire congress.

  • Fill in your name and e-mail address right after paying and wait until you see the webinar link on your screen, to ensure your registration went perfectly. You recieve a confirmation e-mail right after.


  • 8 december 2020, 20.00 o’clock: Jungle Svonni
  • 8 december 2020, 21.00 o’clock: Marieke Akgul
  • 9 december 2020, 20.00 o’clock: Sharon Healey
  • 9 december 2020, 21.00 o’clock: Toroa Aperahama
  • 10 december 2020, 20.00 o’clock: Live Q&A around the fire with all of us

Special thanks to, host of the congress:

Frederieke van der Lijn from ‘Oude wijsheid – Nieuw bewustzijn’

Read more about Frederieke and her beautiful work here.