Lone Beate Ebeltoft is a well respected Sami Elder descending of the Sea Sami who live at the Northern Coastal Line of Norway. The Sami are officially recognized as the last Indigenous tribe of Europe. The Sea Sami however specialized in fishing, hunting and gathering all that Mother Nature provides in the Arctic unlike their inland relatives who herd reindeer.

Lone has an University Degree in Marine Biology and co-created ‘Sjamanistisk Forbund’ (The Shamanic Association Norway) making her a perfect example of connecting science with magic again.

She shares her knowledge, her connection to the land and all the beings living in and on it through Yoik, storytelling, ceremonies and as a Sami guide at Tromso Arctic Reindeer Centre. Lone is also a very talented creator of handmade traditional Sami Clothing. We are very proud that we can welcome Lone as our newest community member as the love of working in community & co-creation is something we deeply share.