Natureconomy can be booked for lectures on a wide variety of topics. As a guest lecturer or key-note speaker on your own event or as part of a custom made ‘Natureconomy program’.

We are willing to travel all over the World for your event or participate online,  whatever is fitting.

The length of a lecture can vary from 15 minutes till several days, depending how in depth you wish we will go into the topic.

Ofcourse all lectures are custom made and can contain several topics. The shown list is just to give you an impression of some of the possibilities.

Our extensive network in a wide variety of work fields makes it possible to offer additional (Indigenous) speakers, shamans, scientists & (biomimicry) professionals.

Share with us your vision on your event or the preffered outcome and we will make you a personal fitting lecture based on our knowledge and experience.

Possible topics:

  • Earth Based Leadership
  • Magic & Science
  • Indigenous Sami Culture
  • Nature driven decision making
  • Interspecies Communication
  • Reconnect with nature, the Indigenous way
  • Paradigmshifts based on Nature’s insights
  • Yoik
  • Harmonious Natural Living
  • Indigenous Mindset
  • Shamanism in modern society
  • Self sufficient living with Nature
  • Ways of our ancestors
  • Animal Insights & behaviour
  • Bridging Economy with Nature
  • Heart driven paradigm shifts

Short Bio

Marieke Akgul

Marieke is an interspecies communicator from the Netherlands. After a successful corporate career in marketing, a severe burn out made her recalibrate her life.

She was asked to become the spokesperson for the animals, translating their deep insights and teachings in human language. Marieke takes you into the Natural World, where all are equal and all are connected. Explaining how they see us, our lifestyle and what we can learn from them to secure a sustainable future.

Be amazed about their equality in emotion & intellect with us, on a level beyond your comprehension.

As the urgency of a changing World called, Marieke started together with Jungle Svonni, Natureconomy. A non-profit foundation, which unites magic and science through Shamanic & Indigenous knowledge. Reconnecting you with Nature, the Indigenous way.

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