Jungle Svonni is a Sami (indigenous people in Northern Europe) from one of the most isolated reindeer herding districts in northern Sapmi, about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. He has lived many years in other parts of the world, such as Greenland and South America.

In his mid-20s, Jungle went to the Amazon where he studied shamanism and plant medicine for 7 years to recover knowledge that became lost among his own people due to Christian laws. Any practice related to shamanism, such as having a drum or practicing yoik (Sami singing style), was persecuted in ways also including the death penalty.

In 2014 Jungle himself became persecuted in Sweden, one of the colonizing countrys of Sapmi. He became the first Sami shaman to win over a European Government, after centuries of persecution of shamanism in Sapmi.


A documentary about Jungle is currently in the making.