Atilla Korbely

Attila Korbely is the wisdom keeper of Paleo-Arctic shamanism. He is an initiate of the shaman clan of the northernmost Nganasan ethnic group on the planet. He received his initiation visions at the age of 7, grew up in nature, became an ecologist and photographer. He worked for National Geographic for 18 years and taught communication, animal ethology and visual language at European universities for 11 years.

Currently he lives in seclusion in the Hungarian Great Plains and together with Kinga Katona, they make and resurrect the typical Nganasan reindeer shamanic drums, lead natural ceremonies, are teachers of archaic soul system and the transmission of the human image.

Kinga Katona

Kinga Katona is a touch therapist who grew up in the Slovakian wilderness as a hunter’s daughter. Her ancient connection to the world of nature is based on spiritual and physical initiations. She graduated as an expert of International Relations. Where her curiosity for life lead up to a variety of work experiences like working in andragogy, working as a volunteer in Hungary & United States and working as a product manager & cultural program organizer at MagNet Community House in Budapest.

Kinga has been dealing with self knowledge for 15 years, but her life has radically changed in the last 6 years, which led to her finally finding her worldly profession in the field of bodywork, psychodrama and group work.

Touch therapy opens up a perspective that is not only able to heal the individual by itself, but in intensive collaboration with Attila Korbely, touch therapy becomes the kickstart, an important link in understanding the teachings about psychology – soul system, communication, perception, the ancient relationship between man and nature, and other healing ceremonies. Combining their gifts & strengths became the perfect completion of their individual journeys, blessed by the strong spirits of the Tundra.